Early childhood dental experiences can set the tone for a lifetime.

Children’s Dentistry to Protect Your Family’s Teeth

Our dentists always provide the gentlest dental care possible, especially when working with children. Taking care of them emotionally as well as caring for their teeth and gums can help children develop a positive attitude regarding their oral health.

Many of the professionals here at Bacchus Marsh Dental House have children of their own and intimately understand how early childhood dental experiences can set the tone for a lifetime.

Benefits of Children’s Dentistry

Your child’s health is important to us. By developing good oral health habits such as regular check-ups with a paediatric dentist you can trust, you will help your child prevent and treat decay before it becomes a severe problem. The primary teeth of your child are important in ensuring they are able to speak and eat properly. Our Bacchus Marsh dentists are able to keep track of your child’s dental developments in order to identify and address any concerns before they become more serious.

The First Dental Exam

A child’s first dental appointment is an exciting time! It is as much for us to develop a relationship with parents and provide information to them as it is for helping little ones get a great start.

At this initial appointment, we help children grow accustomed to the dental clinic atmosphere and our team by making it a fun and interactive experience.

Our dentist will examine the child’s teeth and determine whether development is progressing properly. We will also discuss how to take care of children’s teeth at home to get the most benefit out of their oral hygiene routines.

This is also a great time to discuss habits such as nutrition, thumb-sucking and bottle use.

Take Good Care of Your Teeth

Protect your family’s teeth from cavities, gum disease and toothache by instilling a good oral health routine into their daily lives. We highly recommend the following:

  • Brushing teeth twice a day
  • Flossing before going to sleep
  • No drinking milk, fruit juice or fizzy drinks at night
  • Visiting a dentist every 6 months

Dentistry for Your Developing Child

As children develop more teeth, we will adjust treatment to meet their changing needs. Paediatric dentistry also promotes speaking to children in a way that puts them at ease. We want to help every child develop a positive attitude about dentistry.

Dental exams

  • Paediatric dental cleanings
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Protective sealants
  • Restorative dentistry

Many children will need at least one filling during childhood. When this occurs, we will approach their dental care in a compassionate way and make sure that he or she understands what to expect to help them feel comfortable throughout the process.

Teen Dentistry

Before you know it, children will develop a mouth full of adult teeth and it will be time to evaluate their orthodontic needs and determine if they require wisdom tooth extractions. We monitor childhood growth so that we can always promote good oral health with appropriate dental interventions. Our team will make sure that teens have a solid understanding of how to care for their teeth with good healthy habits to support a healthy smile into adulthood.

The teen years often bring team sports and fun activities that can put their smiles at risk. An athletic mouthguard can assist in the protection of teens’ teeth and gums. We provide custom athletic mouthguards that do not inhibit breathing while still protecting their smiles.

We also create custom nightguards when children or teens suffer from a bruxism (clenching or grinding) habit.

We Welcome You to Call and Arrange a Paediatric Dental Exam

At Bacchus Marsh Dental House, we are dedicated to promoting comfortable smiles for children and teens. Our gentle approach to paediatric dentistry makes each child’s dental experience positive and educational.

Speak to our team of experienced dental staff by contacting us through our online form or call our office on (03) 5315-2777.