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What Is The Cost Of Dental Implant?
What Is The Cost Of Dental Implant?
Hi, I’m Dr Fong and I’m the principal dentist here at Dental House Group. I was with one of our new patients James from Gisborne yesterday, and he asked me, “How much do you charge for a dental implant?” We often get calls asking this very same question, so I thought I’ll make a short video sharing with you a little bit more about the cost of dental implants.

As a dentist practising in Australia, I do travel abroad extensively for my professional development, one thing I do notice is that dental implants in Australia do cost more than some other countries. And there are a few reasons for this.

For a dental or medical product to be imported and registered here in Australia, because of the very strict TGA approval process and standard, as well as the distance we are from the rest of the world, it ended up costing more for a manufacturer to have their products here compared to some other countries.

Australia does have high labour costs compared to many other countries. So the cost of delivering the service in Australia affects the price of dental implants treatment in this country.

Our tax is also one of the highest in the world, so as a result, dental implant treatment would cost more here in Australia compared to some other countries.

Having said that though, a dental implant is still one of the most effective ways to replace a single missing tooth.

Often it’s also the best way to replace multiple missing teeth. A dental implant consists of three components. You’ve got the surgical component of the dental implant itself, and the cost of that would vary between eighteen hundred to twenty-five hundred dollars for the actual procedure itself.

The difference in price depends on a few factors.

The type of implant the dentist chooses to use. There are hundreds of brands of implants here in Australia. Some brands have been around much longer than others with a proven track record, so these brands would cost more than the less proven brands.

Which is the main difference, is the quality of your bone. If the quality or the volume of your bone is poor, then you might need some additional bone grafting, or even soft tissue grafting to bulk up the quality of the host prior to placing the implant.

The prosthesis on top. So what do I mean by that? If you have one missing tooth, then the prosthesis on top would most likely be a dental crown.

And on the other hand, if you have three missing teeth, you may only need two implants to support three teeth. So you don’t need one single implant for every single missing tooth. If you’re missing a whole row of teeth, or if you’re missing all of your teeth, sometimes you may need as little as two or even four implants on your entire jaw to support whatever we’re going to put on top. So, as you can see, it’s not as simple as how much does the implant costs multiply by how many missing teeth you have.

Generally speaking, if you’re looking at implant and the restorative part, the restorative part for a single tooth could be as little as two k to two and a half k. Whereas if you want the whole arch fixed with implants, which is called All-On-4, then the cost for your whole arch could be anywhere between ten to twenty thousand dollars.

I hope this video has given you some insights on the many, many factors that a dentist needs to consider when pricing a comprehensive dental implant treatment. If you or anyone you know have missing teeth, we would love to help. Here at Dental House, we have done thousands of dental implants over the years, so we can definitely help you. Simply give us a call on 1800GENTLE, direct message us on social media, or complete the form on our website. See you in the next video.

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