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What’s Your Colour Personality?
What’s Your Colour Personality?

Experts believe colour can boost happiness and reduce stress

Ever felt uplifted seeing a colourful rainbow brighten up an otherwise grey sky or watching a spectacular orange sunset?

Ever felt uplifted seeing a colourful rainbow brighten up an otherwise grey sky or watching a spectacular orange sunset?

Colour plays a big part in our daily lives – from what we wear to the colour of the walls in our homes and offices and the foods we eat.

Colour therapists believe the colours we surround ourselves with have a huge impact on our mood and wellbeing. By choosing the right colours to suit our personalities, experts believe we can not only boost happiness and reduce stress, but we can look and feel younger.

When we see colour, the retina’s photoreceptor cells in our eyes convert the colour into electrical impulses. These impulses then travel to the brain and trigger reactions in the endocrine (hormone release) system, which can affect our emotions, mood, cellular growth and general health. So change the colour of your clothes, paint feature walls in your home or buy a bunch of colourful flowers to boost health, happiness and longevity.

  • Surround yourself with red if you want to promote strength, courage and passion for life.
  • Opt for orange if you’re seeking clarity, focus and direction.
  • Choose yellow to build optimism, joy and self-empowerment and reduce anxiety.
  • Green encourages spiritual healing, harmony and trust.
  • Pink denotes unconditional love and conveys compassion and forgiveness.
  • Blue is the colour of contentment, tranquillity, loyalty and creativity.
  • Purple inspires wisdom, motivation and dedication.

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